Things that need to get done.

My eBay auctions both closed to my satisfaction. I got to transfer the sales proceeds in addition to two payments for services, so I still have some of that residual satisfaction of watching my bank account balance balloon with just a few clicks.

But that is past, and now I am living in the present. I’m linning all my things up for my trip to Australia. I think I’m going to make packing a little bit easier for myself this time than with Hawaii. What wanders my thoughts are which photography equipment remains in Greenville, and which special selections make it with my to Australia.

In the mean time I still need to be getting my things for my next work project organized. I always find too much clutter withdraws you from the task at hand.

Perhaps more on these musings later . . .

I’d call this yucky HDR, just one man’s opinion. 

I’d call this yucky HDR, just one man’s opinion.